36 years since...
...the Rattlers started making their own brand of bluegrass music in the Southern Tier of New York, and they are still at it!
Next show:
The Rattlers head south August 10th for the 35th annual Oak Grove Music Festival in Verona, Virginia - a great time deep in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley!
Motel 4 news
At Motel 4, you won't be over-taxed, over-burdened, or over-charged. You won't have to pay for frilly extras like clean sheets or drapes or indoor plumbing, because, frankly, they don't have any of those. But you will have a roof over your head, major portions of which have absolutely no leaks!

So next time you are out on the byways, take the highway to a great deal. They'll open one of the refrigerator doors and leave the light on for you.
Rattlers: Summer 2013
Looks like we are in store for another year of Diamondback fun and mayhem on concert and festival stages in the Northeast. This is the season for singing and picking, laughing and hollering, and soaking up acoustic bliss in the great outdoors. Check the DBR schedule for shows near you.
Cranberry Fog Music, 2013
Spooky, but true:
Roy plays a Gibson, lives in Van Etten, not far from Spencer.
Ken lives in Gibson, is a VanEtten, and has a dog named Spencer.

Rattler emeritus
"Where's Curt?"
Probably out on the lake, fishing.
Our great friend and original Diamondback, Curt Albertalli, has taken a break from the road and is enjoying family life up on the Finger Lakes of New York.
Happy band retirement, pal!